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  • Baldwin Beach Expressway I-10 Interchange at CR-68 in Baldwin County, Alabama
  • Alabama 69 Approaches over Jackson Creek in Clarke County
  • Clarke County Road 15 Approaches over Bassett Creek
  • US-84 Four-Laning in Coffee County, Alabama
  • Agricultural House Sites-Equity Group Hatcheries-Eufaula, Alabama
  • Bay Minette Airport Taxiway in Baldwin County, Alabama

                   3-D Modeling (Design & Construction Controls)

With the latest surge in technology,  more contractors have elected to optimized their   

machinery with GPS guided equipment. We have bridged the design-construction gap by

building and integrating Carlson/AutoCAD/MicroStation model files (DWG,DGN) with the

Trimble (ttm, dxf, svd, svl, dc and cfg files) and Topcon (tp3, tn3 and ln3 files ) software and equipment.

Availability of a 3D building information model is so valuable to the GPS machine control process that, in many cases, even if a contracting firm receives 2D plans and profiles from a surveyor or engineer, it will still spend valuable time and effort creating additional 3D models for use in its GPS- controlled construction equipment. When we speak with                                   clients, they invariably say that they would prefer to receive a completed model. The benefits are                                                           simply too  great to ignore. Traditional processes of paper plans, stakeout sheets, and                                                                     grade stakes used to take up to a week to implement. Now with GPS machine                                                            control and 3D models from designers, that same size project can take hours. This                                                                 allows reduction fuel consumption, idle time, air pollution including greenhouse gas                                                                   emissions, and material waste while providing our clients with a more accurate                                                        product. CTC believe that starting from 3D models to drive the construction                                           process is the way of the future.” Additional overall benefits for surveyors and           engineers providing                   3D models to construction professionals include the ability to: Increase productivity and  efficiency: GPS-enabled construction equipment can run all day—and all night—while achieving accurate grades on the first pass. As a result, I have seen first hand and in reports that it is possible for construction teams to: Increase productivity by up to 50 percent, Reduce guesswork and costly rework by moving dirt right the first time, Cut redundant survey costs by up to 90 percent, Increase material use, Reduce idle time and rework, Reduce fuel consumption (by 43 percent) and associated green house gas

emissions, Lower overall operating costs, and extend the work


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